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  • CAMP C (June 3-6) – Girls FULL, SS Boys, & SS Girls FULL

  • CAMP F (July 21-25) – Boys & Girls FULL

  • CAMP G (July 26-30) – Boys FULL

  • SC1 (June 8-13) Boys FULL

  • SC3 (July 6-11) – Boys & Girls FULL


All campers must abide by all rules and guidelines. Breaking any rule will result in a warning. Second time offenders of the same rule will have recreational privileges removed. Severe breaking of the rules could result in being sent home. For the camper's safety and maximum enjoyment of the week, they should obey all of the rules and follow all the guidelines.



Group reservations and individual registrations are taken on a first come/ first served basis. Registration begins with February 2, postmarks. February 2 postmarks will receive first priority, so please don't send registrations postmarked prior to February 2.

Registering as a Group: 
Group Leaders, see instructions under  Group Reservation Form Instructions

Group campers, give completed  Group Camper Registration Form to your Church Group Leader. He/ she has reserved spaces for your group and will give you further instructions on what to do before coming to camp. Also, Adults please fill out the Adult Camper Registration Form.