Adult Leader Information

ADULT LEADERS including youth and children’s ministry pastors/directors as well as volunteer ministry staff from your church will also greatly benefit from the week at LFR. There are wonderful times of personal enrichment and spiritual growth available for your ministry team. Though we do not require churches to bring any adults, it is a significant benefit for your group. We strongly urge churches to send their youth or children’s ministry pastor/ director to be a part of the week if at all possible. 

How Many Adult Leaders per Group? 

There’s room for 1 adult per 8 campers. This means that if you bring 9 campers you will be allowed 2 adult leaders. For more than this ratio, please call LFR to make sure that space is available. It is not required that you bring any adults to stay during the week with campers, but it is a great benefit if adult leaders who are a part of the ongoing ministry to your children/students are present for the week of camp. 

Why Bring Adult Leaders? 

We want to bless some of the ministry team that works with the children or students in your church. There are wonderful times of personal enrich­ment and spiritual growth available for your ministry team through Bible study and training. Though we do not require churches to bring any adults to stay for the camp session, it is a significant benefit for your group. We ESPECIALLY urge churches to send their student or children’s ministry pas­tor/director to be a part of the week if at all possible.

What Will the Adult Leaders Be Doing? 

On the first night of each camp, there will be a dessert fellowship for the camp counselor to meet with all the adult church leaders. This reception gives counselors and adults a chance to pray together and talk about the needs of the campers that they have brought. During this time the adults will share about the campers’ special interests, needs, and spiritual con­cerns to help the counselor get off to a great start ministering to the kids in their cabins. That’s why we request that you bring part of your ministry team and not only van drivers. Your group will also have a special oppor­tunity each evening that we call “church group time.” This is a chance to reconnect with your group for fun and to check in on the group to see how everybody is doing. Without an adult leader present from your church to lead that time, the campers will miss out on that opportunity to stay con­nected with just your group each day. Also, we ask that the adult leaders assist with some of the many recreation options each afternoon.

What is the Cost of Group Leaders? 

The head adult leader for each group receives a discount to attend as fol­lows: groups with over 7 campers the adult leader discount is a total cost of $100 if the “Discount Check List” is finished and submitted one month prior to the start date of your camp. For groups with 4-7 campers the dis­count is half of the camper price if the “Discount Check List” is returned on time. If the group size is less than four campers, there is not a discount for the head adult leader. The “Discount Check List” will be emailed to the person who makes the reservation for your group, and it can be found on the LFR website. Adult leaders beyond the head of the group will pay the same amount as the campers pay. 

May the Adult Leaders Bring their Children Who are Younger than Camper Age to Stay in the Cabin With Them? 

For children who are younger than camper age who stay in the cabin with their parent(s), it will only cost ½ camper price. While there is not a charge for children under the age of 4, please bring these little ones along only as a last resort since that will limit the adult leader’s freedom to take advantage of all of the opportunities available during the week. 

Is Child Care Available for My Younger-than-Camper-Age Child during the Camp Session? 

The only time that child care will be available will be for about one hour during Bible study each morning.