ADULT LEADERS including youth and children’s ministry pastors/directors as well as volunteer ministry staff from your church will also greatly benefit from the week at LFR. There’s room for up to 1 adult per 7 campers. This means if you bring 8 campers you will be allowed 2 adult leaders. If you would like to bring more adult leaders, call for availability.

There are wonderful times of personal enrichment and spiritual growth available for your ministry team. Though we do not require churches to bring any adults, it is a significant benefit for your group. We strongly urge churches to send their youth or children’s ministry pastor/ director to be a part of the week if at all possible. On the first night of camp there will be a dessert fellowship for Camp Counselors to meet with all adult church leaders so that they can pray together about the needs of the campers that they have brought and so the counselors can find out from those adult leaders about the special interests, needs and spiritual concerns of the campers that will be in their cabins for the week. For this reason, we request that the church leaders know the campers and we prefer that you select adult leaders who already work with the children/students at your church. Please send ministry leadership and not “chaperones” or “chauffeurs."


Also, there will be a special opportunity each evening called “Church Group Time” for church groups to get together to play, pray, and/or share with one another. Please note that there must be an adult leader from your church in order for this daily gathering to happen for your group.



The total cost for the leader of the group is only $100 IF the group leader’s “Discount Check List” steps are all finished, the form is completed, signed, and returned to us at least 14 days prior to camp. The leader discount is a reward for getting everything turned in on time and the information for your group given out prior to camp. Also, the discount for the leader of groups of 4 - 7 campers will be ½ price of camper price if the “Discount Check List” is returned on time; less than four campers does not qualify the leader for a discount, but the “Discount Check List” still must be sent in prior to camp. Churches who send their campers with no adult leader will still be required to send in the checklist even though no discount will be given. The “Discount Check List” will be on the LFR website and in the church group packet emailed with your confirmation letter. Adult leaders beyond the designated leader of the group will pay full price for camp. All adult leaders will be asked to sign up on the first night of camp to help out with leading campers to their various afternoon recreation options, and assisting once they get there.



Children ages 3-7 accompanying their adult leader parents are charged only 1/2 price. While there is no charge for children under age 3, please bring these little ones along only as a last resort since that will limit the adult leader’s freedom to take advantage of all of the great opportunities available during the week. Some child-care may be available for the little folks who are under age seven who are brought to camp by the adult leaders. Contact Rich Malone( for more information about this in advance of your camp. There will be an extra $5 per hour per child charge for this service and it will most likely only be provided during adult Bible study/training times.


If you have been an Adult Leader in the 2017 summer and want to fill out our Adult Leader Evaluation Form, please click here! Thanks so much!