Mission Camp Macon

July 11-18, 2020 • Camper Age: 14-21 • Cost: $340 • Camp Speaker: Bill Reif

What is Mission Camp Macon?

Camp Macon was started in July of 2004 by Lake Forest Ranch, as an opportunity to give back to their local community- a community that is learning how to trust each other after years of division. LFR's goal is to bring love to the kids and youth of Macon for one week out of the summer, with hopes of reaching out in love the rest of the year. Our story is simple, to be love to the city of Macon. The two ways they are reaching out are through various kid's camps being offered at local churches and the Teen Day Camp held at Lake Forest Ranch. These areas have seen significant growth in attendance over the last ten years and Camp Macon is a topic of excitement for the kids and teens of Macon year round. We hope to see Camp Macon continue to grow, through love, to help transform the city of Macon

The two Ministry Areas that Mission Campers, along the LFR staff, will be leading are:

  1. Several city-wide Kids' Camps for local children ages 7-11.

  2. An evangelistic Teen Day Camp at LFR for local teens ages 12-18.

For Senior High and College Students

MCM is the opportunity to do strategic missions and enjoy a faith building camp experience during the same week... and it is something that many senior high students and collegians have been looking for. Adult leaders have a key role in the mission work of the week too.

The mission work begins each morning and continues until lunch followed by debriefing from the morning's ministry and brief preparation for the following day. Mission Campers will enjoy all of the great LFR recreation options each afternoon, as well as the evening worship and fellowship activities that are distinctive of LFR summer camp.

Bill Reif, a popular speaker at LFR for the last 25+ years, will return for the fifth consecutive year as our MCM speaker and "head coach". At the end of the week on Friday night there will be a fantastic city-wide event called "Camp Macon Family Night". In 2004, Family Night reached out to over 500 people since doubling to over 1000 local residents.

Teen Camp

Teenage Day Campers (ages 12-18) are bussed from Macon to LFR each morning. Mission Campers, assisted by the LFR Staff, serve as team captains who lead their teams during all sports events and who share the gospel with their team during the week.

A Teen Day Camp Team Captain must…

  • be 16 years old or older

  • be willing and able to do the following with provided training:

  • build relationships with your team members throughout the week.

  • counsel your team members concerning their relationship with Christ as the opportunity arises.

  • lead a devotional or Bible Study for a small group (about 25 minutes).

  • share your testimony with a small group (2-3 minutes).

  • lead or assist a team of up to 15 members in all recreation activities for the sports camp.

  • minister to students who are 12-18 years old.

Kids Camp

Kids campers (ages 8-11) come to one of several different church locations each morning. Mission Campers serve as leaders, and LFR staff members serve as directors of the Kids Camps. Macon churches provide support leadership and follow-up after the week.

A Kid's Day Camp Team Member must be willing and able to do the following with provided training and resources:

  • Have a love for children & a desire to show & share Christ with them.

  • Tell Bible Stories.

  • Lead games.

  • Lead crafts.

  • Lead Kid's Praise songs.

  • You will be ministering to kids who are 7-11 years old. 

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