Camper Guidelines and Packing List!

Lake Forest Ranch guidelines and rules are designed to insure the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of all campers, staff and guests. Parents and church leaders, please join us in emphasizing the importance of a spirit of cooperation and compliance. Campers, we ask each of you to take a leadership role by setting a good example for your fellow campers. You can do this by following all guidelines, rules and directions given to you by the LFR staff and/or adult leaders. A complete set of guidelines, rules and expectations will be provided to you during your orientation once you arrive at camp.

Help us take care of LFR

  • No food or drink allowed in the cabins, Recreation Hall or Lakeview (do not open snacks in your cabin).

For your safety

  • Campers must pass a swimming test at the pool before tubing.

  • Tennis shoes or boots must be worn for Horseback Riding. Close-toed shoes are required to participate in any or all Ropes Course activities (no sandals, crocs, or flip flops or open toe or open-heel shoes allowed).

To Remove Distractions

  • No romantic physical contact (hand holding, kissing, etc).

  • Do not bring electronic equipment or game systems (adult leaders may bring laptops for their own use only)

  • Cell-Phone Policy– Cell phones can be a distraction therefore we do not allow campers to bring cell phones to camp. Campers are not allowed to make phone calls without the director’s approval. Adult leaders may bring cell phones for personal use only - not for campers to borrow.

  • Please wear modest clothing. No short shorts, short skirts, halter tops or revealing swim wear. Guys must wear a shirt at all times unless in your cabin, swimming or tubing.

What to Pack


Please bring enough to last the entire camp.

  1. Shorts (not too short or revealing)

  2. T-shirts (avoid ones with crude or rude imprinting please)

  3. Swimwear (modest; for girls, a two piece swimsuits must be accompanied by a T-shirt)

  4. Shoes-bring an extra pair of comfortable (tennis) shoes in case a pair gets wet (tennis shoes required for the ropes course and tennis shoes or boots required for horseback riding)

  5. Rain gear

  6. We have replaced Theme Night with something new and fun for 2019! No special costume needed.


  1. Bible & pen

  2. Towels

  3. Bedding for twin-sized bunk bed (sleeping bag or sheets) & pillow

  4. Flashlight

  5. Basic personal care items like toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, soap, etc.

  6. $20 or $30 for purchases in the Snack Shop and Trading Post. A bank is available for campers to safely store their money.


  1. Camera

  2. Insect repellent

  3. Recreation equipment (LFR does provide much of the recreation equipment, but some campers prefer to bring their own.)
    Please put your name & phone # on it.


  1. Electronic equipment such as CD players, MP3s, IPODs, laptops, cell phones, radios, etc.

  2. Alcoholic beverages, cigarettes or chewing tobacco, illegal drugs, etc.

  3. Fireworks, rifles, bow and arrows, knives, or weapons of any kind.

  4. Jewelry or other expensive items.

  5. Chewing gum

Other Helpful Information


  • All medications (prescription and over-the-counter) must be in original packaging/bottle that identifies the prescribing physician, name of medication, dosage, and frequency of administration. No exceptions.


  • We have a bank where you can leave your money to keep it safe until you need it. The bank is open anytime the Recreation Hall Counter is open. Times will be available each morning, afternoon, and evening. We encourage you to use the bank so that you don’t chance losing your money.

Snack Shop & Trading Hours

  • The Snack Shop and Trading Post are open each day except departure day. Hours will be announced.

Highlights Video

  • These will be available online on the LFR website to view after each camp session is over.

Camp Picture

  • A camp group photo will be posted on the LFR website following each camp. A USB drive may be purchased for $12. These will contain over 200 photos and all the videos of the camp session in hi-def.

Recreation Equipment

  • Recreation equipment may be checked out at the Recreation Hall counter (or Lakefront Shop for boating equipment). Campers may be charged for equipment that is returned damaged.


  • Campers must pass a swimming test at the pool before tubing.


  • No fishing license is required. Catch and release is suggested.

Cabin sign-up

  • Cabin assignments may be requested ahead of time but will be limited as space is available. Cabins may also be assigned upon arrival at camp. You may choose up to TWO friends that can room with you who are within the following age breakdown Kid’s Camp age breakdowns in the cabins will be 7-8 year olds (The Tribe) together, 9-10 year-olds together (7-8 year olds who are not in The Tribe may also be in these cabins) and 11-12 year olds together.

  • Preteen Camp age breakdowns in the cabins will be 9-10 year-olds together and 11-13 year-olds together. Student Camp age breakdown in the cabins will be 11-12 year-olds together, 13-15 year-olds together, and 16-18 year-olds together. This is our policy, but in extenuating circumstances, we may need to adjust cabin-age breakdown

Calling Home

  • Campers may not call home except in the event of an emergency. Parents who need to contact their children for emergencies may call (662) 726-5052. An answering machine will give a cell number to call is no one answers the camp line.


  • Email may be sent to campers during their camp week. We no longer use BunkOne and are working on a new system that will be easy and convenient for parents to use! More info to come soon.

Snail Mail

  • We also encourage letters and packages for your children. Parents remember to mail cards, letters and packages early. Every summer we have letters and packages that arrive after campers have returned home. Campers can buy stamps and stationery in the Camp Store and the mail box is in the Recreation Hall just outside the Camp Store. Camper mail and e-mail will be given out each evening. Campers will not be able to send email while at camp.

Lost & Found

  • Parents, we will do all that we can to help your camper return home with everything they bring to camp. In spite of our best efforts some of them will leave something behind. Summer is very, very busy at LFR. If you realize your child has left something important at LFR let us know and we will try to find it and return it to you. Please be patient with us. This may take 4 to 6 weeks. Parents will be asked to reimburse LFR for all postage or shipping cost for any returned items. Anything that is not called for and is not easily identified will be donated to a local charity at the end of the summer.