Child Safety


Lake Forest Ranch is aware of the incredible responsibility to keep campers safe. We have a comprehensive plan for recognizing and resisting potential dangers regarding child abuse and are committed to reporting child abuse as we are made aware of it.

Summer camp is an amazing place to connect with Jesus and with other people! That’s why we do what we do! We believe in the power of camp! We also understand that summer camp, like any place where people are gathered together, can create opportunities for child abusers. For this reason, we want every parent, grandparent, guardian, church leader, and camper to know the many steps we take to keep people safe at Lake Forest Ranch.

Here are some of the major things:

• Intensive application and interview process for all summer staff including screening for potential child abusers

• Mandatory submission to background checks for all summer staff AND all adults attending camp

• Training for summer staff in recognizing, resisting, and reporting potential child abuse

• “The rule of 3” ensures that no staff member is ever alone with a camper in a private space

• Two staff members are assigned to each cabin for accountability and ministry help

• Summer staff are not allowed to have cell phones, tablets, laptops, or other electronic devices that can connect to the internet or make phone calls. This is true for campers as well.

6 Boundaries explained to campers, adults, and summer staff

• Modesty (in dress and display of body parts)

• One-on-One’s (never alone with another person in a private space)

• Good Touch vs. Bad Touch (emphasis on encouraging and safe touch)

• Good Talk vs. Bad Talk (emphasis on positive and pure speech)

• Bullying (zero tolerance)

• Your Territory (a camper’s space is their own: your space, your bed, your stuff)

Zero Tolerance for campers or staff who decide not to abide by these boundaries. We are not above sending campers home or dismissing staff from service

Lake Forest Ranch is a mandatory reporter of child abuse and will report any instance of child abuse that we are made aware of without hesitation.

Our hope is to create an environment that encourages campers to encounter Jesus Christ and to respond to His Gospel of grace. By taking the issue of child safety seriously, we believe we are working to remove any barriers that might keep campers from experiencing this. Feel free to contact us for any additional information. We hope to see you at camp!

The video below is shown to every camper and adult who attends Lake Forest Ranch summer camps. We want everyone to know that child safety is something we take seriously and be informed on how to handle situations they may find themselves in.