Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Kids Camp C & E and Student Camps 3 Less Expensive than the Others? 

Kids Camp C & E are one night shorter than all of the other Kids Camps. We call them mini camps because there only three nights instead of four nights, Student Camp 3 is one night shorter than the other student camps (four nights instead of 5 nights). All of these mini-camps will end after lunch on the last day instead of after breakfast. 

How Flexible are the Age Limits that are Listed on the Camp Schedule? 

The ages are somewhat flexible. For Student Camps, the campers must be 11 by camp time and they must be 18 sometime during calendar year 2019. For example, if a camper hits 19 on January 2, 2019, he is still age appropri­ate for a Student Camp. Kids Campers must be at least age seven by camp time and must be age twelve some time during calendar year 2019. Preteen camps will allow campers who are ages 9 at camp time and age twelve some time during calendar year 2019. As you can see, there is more flexibil­ity on the high end than the low end of the ages, but we do make exceptions. For permission to make exceptions to these policies, a call to the camp direc­tor, Rich Malone, is necessary. 

What is the Tribe and How Does that Work? 

Get your littlest campers ready for a fun and exciting time with “The Tribe!” The Tribe is geared perfectly for kids campers ages 7 & 8 - we have age appropriate interactive Bible studies, Teepee pow wows, group activities, fun games, special snacks, water activities, all the regular camp fun plus carefully selected fun-loving godly leadership (Tribe Leaders and Tribal Chiefs), and there’s so much more! Seven and eight year old campers are all automati­cally placed in this wonderful camp track (formerly called “Sunshine Club” but we’ve made some fabulous changes). Trust us, all 7 & 8 year old camp­ers won’t want to miss out on all the fun for our youngest campers. The group leader will need to call LFR for any exception to this. 

Will We Lose Our Deposit If a Child Does Not Attend No Matter the Circumstances? 

Not necessarily; there are life altering circumstances such as the death of a close family member or the child becoming sick or injured (verifiable by a doctor’s note). We want to be gracious towards those who go through a family crisis and we will take each case individually. These refund requests must be submitted prior to the camp session beginning if at all possible.