We have a few opportunities for members of your group to receive special assistance with the cost for camp. Call the camp office to find out how these funds may be accessed. 

1. The Great Commission Campership Fund – It has been shown that children and students ages 9-18 are the most receptive to the gospel. This fund is to be used to provide incentives to churches, church leadership and Christian campers to bring unsaved children and students to LFR. This fund seeks to increase the number of opportunities for campers, who have never heard the Gospel, to hear and respond in saving faith. This program is for unsaved youth (ages 9-18), and not merely un-churched kids. These funds will be provided on a first-come-first-served basis until they run out. There may be a limit to the number of camperships that will be made available per church group and there are two options in the way that the camper­ships may be utilized. 

  • Option #1 – “Bring a Friend” – Bring an unsaved friend (to the best of their knowledge), and both campers get 50% off the camper fees, or if they choose, they can pay full fee and their friend goes to camp for free. 

  • Option #2 – “Community Outreach” – For every unsaved youth that a group brings to camp, the group gets to reduce their expenses by the cost of one camper. 

2. Family-In-Need Campership Fund – If your church has children whose family cannot afford camp due to a financial crisis and if the church is unable to completely cover the cost, there are some partial and full camp­erships available. Contact the LFR office for more information about avail­ability and what to do to qualify for these funds. 

3. Angel Tree Campership Fund – If a member of your group has a parent who is incarcerated, they are eligible for a full campership to LFR. Let us know if you have any campers who would qualify for this fund.