Group Reservation / Registration

What is a group reservation and how is it different from a group member registration?
A Group Reservation is for reserving “X” number of spaces for your entire group. Whereas a Group Member Registration is a form that is filled out for each individual camper and the camper’s parent signs it and submits it (more on this farther down). Therefore, there is one Group Reservation and many Group Member Registrations.

How do I reserve spaces at camp for a group?

  • Step One – Beginning Friday Feb. 1, 2019, spaces are reserved when a Group Reservation Form is filled out from the LFR website and submitted (go online and it is so easy to do!).

  • Step Two – Mail a check to Lake Forest Ranch for the total deposit due which will be $100 multiplied times the number of campers and adult leaders OR you may pay through our online payment option (if using this method, add additional 3%). Important to note! - the postmark of the date the check is mailed or the date that the online payment is made will be the official reservation date that we will consider when camps are full and we have to decide which group will have to choose an alternate date.

What about early reservations?

Groups that have attended summer camp at LFR in any of the past three summers, are given the opportunity to make reservations before our official reservation start date of Feb. 1, 2019 with a non-refundable $100 early reservation deposit. The deposit can be paid on our online payment option or paid by check. Early reservation is a “thank you” to our regular groups. But it is very important for these groups to remember this detail – the total deposit of $100 per camper for your group is due on or before Feb. 1, 2019 to retain your reservation. Don’t be late!

Will there be room for us if we don’t qualify for early reservation?

Yes! If your group is new to LFR, we will work hard to find room for you next summer. We love having new groups and we have many new groups each year. The best way to assure getting your camp session choice is to make sure that you go to the LFR website on February 1, 2019 and fill out your Group Reservation Form. Also you must either postmark your check to Lake Forest Ranch on Friday February 1, 2019 or pay with a credit card online. The latter method of payment does require a 3% additional charge (please, do this on that exact date for the best chance to get the camp session you desire). It is almost never a problem getting a group into a camp session if two camp session options are selected on the Group Reservation Form.

How Many Campers May We Bring to a Camp Session? 

You may bring as many as we have space for up to a full camp of 190 campers. However, there are a few details to consider if you are tempted to guess optimistically high on your total number of spaces reserved without having actual commitments: 

  1. For groups of 55 campers and under (not including adult leaders) – you will have until exactly one month prior to your camp session starting date to contact us with an exact number of campers without losing any $100 deposits. Within a month of camp you may still replace same gender campers who drop out with a substitute camper without losing the deposit. But, for example, if you have a boy drop out less than a month before your camp and a girl wants to go as a replacement, we cannot guarantee you that the deposit may be used for her. It all depends on space availability; if the space is available for another girl then it is not a problem transferring the deposit to her. There is a cancellation penalty for complete group cancellation. Call us for more information. 

  2.  For groups of over 55 campers (not including adult leaders) – you will be required to have your exact number of campers on the day you make your reservation beginning Feb. 1, 2019 or you will lose some deposits (explanation to follow). So if you send in your Group Reservation Form and your deposit on the first official day of Group Reservations, Friday Feb. 1, 2019, then only 55 of those will carry with them a one month before camp refund option. All of those deposits over 55 total campers will be subject to loss. Example – Feb. 1 you reserve 75 spaces and your camp begins May 23; if on April 23 you contact LFR to inform us that you will only be bringing 10 campers, you will only lose 20 deposits because you beat the one month deadline for the first 55 campers. Call if you have any questions about this. 

How Do I Submit Registrations on Each of the Campers that I will Bring? 

Registration will be online. When your reservation is confirmed by the LFR Administrative Team, you will be given an online Group Reservation Number by email. This number must be given to the parents of the campers who are coming with you for them to be able to tie in to your group when they register online. Please provide electronic access for those who may not have that at home. Paper registrations will be permitted only as a last resort. Call us to receive the paper copy. 

How Long do I Have After I Make a Reservation Before My Individual Camper Registrations are Due? 

After your group is confirmed following Feb. 1, 2019 you will have 6 weeks after your confirmation date to see that all campers’ registrations are submitted online. These must be completed by parents since an online e-signature is required. The registration form also includes necessary health and medical information. You will have until one month before your camp beginning date to finalize all registrations but please work to meet this completion of all online registrations by 6 weeks after receiving your Group Reservation confirmation. 

How May I Make Payments and When? 

The payment options are either mail a check to LFR or our online payment option. There is a 3% service charge added if you pay online. The final total payment after the initial deposit is not due until registration day at LFR. You may just bring the final payment with you.