RETREATS  – What You Need to Know

Since 1950 Lake Forest Ranch has been providing Christian Camps and retreats in a pristine environment that is among the most beautiful settings in the southeast.  The LFR mission statement is “Building Relationships for Eternal Impact.”  In keeping with this mission, during non-summer months, LFR facilities are exclusively available for use by evangelical ministries for spiritual retreats and meetings that intended to build up the Body of Christ.

“The retreat was incredible.  I can’t even begin to express how thankful we are for your gracious attitude towards us. It is so comforting to be able to have a retreat like this at a place that’s mission is the same as ours: to reach people for Christ.  We look forward to retreats at LFR in the future.”  Colton Ragan MSU Crusade

WHO CAN book retreats and WHEN?

Any Christian organization such as a church or college campus ministry which has evangelism and/or Christian discipleship as its main objective for the retreat can book the LFR facilities.  The retreat group’s doctrinal position must be one that is held by mainstream evangelicals. (See the LFR Doctrinal Statement on our web site.)   A minimum of 25 full-paying individuals is required.  Smaller groups (less than 25) may come only if there is another group present that meets our minimum group size requirement.  The maximum number we can accommodate is 300.  We often book multiple groups on a given date.  With multiple groups present the first group confirming a date, with a contract and deposit, will be given priority for use of various facilities and recreation options.  Meeting rooms will be assigned according to the size and confirmation of the groups.  EXCLUSIVE USE OF THE CAMP.  Groups of 175, that are staying two or more nights, may request exclusive use of the camp.  Any weekend or weekday between early August and early May, that does not conflict with programs already scheduled by Lake Forest Ranch is available for retreats.

“LFR and their staff provide an outstanding opportunity for us to minister to student athletes through fellowship, Bible study, and much needed rest.  What a great place to see lives changed.” Bill Buckley, Fellowship of Christian Athletes.


Please contact Lake Forest Ranch well in advance of your desired dates.  Once your date is set, you will be mailed a retreat contract.  The contract must be completed, signed and returned with a deposit. At this point, your confirmation will be locked in. The deposit amount is twenty-five percent of the anticipated total cost for your retreat.  Deposit amounts may be negotiable if you call and request it.  Failure to return a completed contract and deposit by the due date may result in cancellation by LFR.  


Retreat groups who cancel at least sixty (60) days in advance will receive a refund of 100% of their paid deposit.  Groups who cancel at least thirty (30) days in advance, but less than sixty days will receive a refund of 50% of their paid deposit.  Groups who cancel less than thirty (30) days in advance will forfeit 100% of their paid deposit

Groups who bring fewer people than planned will not be charged for unused lodging but WILL be charged for uneaten meals. LFR will require a total attendance estimate no later than three (3) business days prior to the event.



Group Size:                 1 - 49             50 - 99        100 - 199         200 - 299
*Cost Per Person:        $36.25           $34.00          $30.75             $26.50

*Lodging and Facilities Pricing for ages 3 – 7 is discounted 50% of the above lodging & facilities prices ONLY.

*(For families paying for more than 3 children it may be possible to extend this discount to age 11).

*Group size is based on guests over the ages of 7

In addition to covering the cost of lodging (cabins), the Lodging and Facilities cost also cover the following: a meeting room, use of recreation areas including game room with ping-pong tables and carpet ball, indoor & outdoor basketball courts, beach volleyball court, tennis courts, gaga ball, disc golf course, kayaks, john boats, amphitheater and fishing (no license required).  


All menus are planned by the LFR Food Service Director.  If your group has special dietary needs - you may request for the Food Service Director to call and discuss options with your group leader.

Breakfast        $6.00 per person

Lunch              $8.00 per person

Dinner            $7.00 per person


High Ropes Course Activities: (minimum of 3 hours required – pay for 3 hours even if you only use it 2 hrs)


Zip-line (700ft. long) - The “wire” is an arc-shaped cable strung between two poles – the start end above a high take-off platform. This is an exciting ride for any age group.

Climbing Wall (50ft. tall) – A vertical wall that simulates true rock climbing. The holds (“rocks”) are strategically placed on the wall to create ease or difficulties depending on the skill of the climber.

Dangle-Duo - The object of this element is for two (DUO), participants to climb together to the top of this giant undulating ladder without touching the side cables, depending on one another for both physical and emotional support. The wooden rungs are spaced increasingly far apart as one climbs.

Flying Squirrel - The participant (the squirrel) is clipped into one end of the rope and is pulled up to the anchor point by a committed group of haulers at the other end of the rope. This is a particularly useful event in that it allows students who are intimidated by height, climbing, or with physical limitations, to experience height without having to commit to climbing.

Leap of Faith  - The participant climbs up a pole on climbing staples to gain access to a platform, from which they exit/jump in favor of a hanging trapeze bar or target ball a number of improbable feet away.

Element                                   3 hours                Each additional hour               Participants per hour

Zip-line                                                           $240.00                                    $60.00                                        12-15

Climbing Wall – 1 belayer                           $150.00                                      $30.00                                        12-16

Climbing Wall – 2 belayers                        $225.00                                      $30.00                                        24-32

Dangle-Duo                                                    $225.00                                     $30.00                                         24-32

Flying Squirrel                                               $190.00                                       $40.00                                       12-14

Leap of Faith                                                  $150.00                                       $30.00                                        24-32


Our most popular ropes course activities are: Zip-line and Rock-Wall

Low Ropes Course Activities: (25 participants minimum)

$8.00 per person for up to 2 hours.  Each additional hour or partial hour is an additional $4.00 per person.



Archery Tag $50 per hour.

            For more info, check out

Horseback Riding      $10.00 per horse per hour (minimum $60.00 per hour / 3 hour minimum)

                                    Usually 6 riders per 30 - 40 minutes.  Ask for specific horse-back riding guidelines.

Swimming Pool          $50.00 per hour (life guard NOT provided)

(May- September)        $70.00 per hour (life guard provided – 3 hr minimum)

                                    (50% off if your group is also Tubing at the same time)

                                      *limit 25 people per lifeguard. $20/hour per additional lifeguard

Ski-boat tubing           $50.00 per hour (only LFR staff may drive the boat – groups will provide an adult spotter to ride in the boat with the driver).

Hay-Wagon Rides       $2.00 per person (around the lake – 30 minutes)


**There is no charge for the use of out indoor or outdoor basketball courts.



Non over-night retreat charges (without meals): Includes the use of the picnic area, tennis courts, outdoor basketball court, beach volleyball court, gaga ball, disc golf, fishing, kayaks, and john boats. The rec-hall and gym may be used if available.

Ages 12 years and up $ 10.00 per person

Ages 4 to 11 $ 5.00 per person

3 years and under are free

Meals are available for purchase (reservations in advance) when an overnight retreat group is present and has a meal scheduled. Breakfast $6.00, lunch $8.00 and dinner $7.00


Dining Hall:                                           $35.00 for self catered meals (kitchen is off limits to all guests)

Meeting Room:                                     $30.00

Rec-hall Game Room and Gym:        $10.00 per hour (this time may be shared with other groups)

Ice is available for:                              $2.00 per small ice chest, $3.00 per medium to large ice chest,

            $5.00 per extra large ice chest, supply is limited.


Additional Recreation Options: See above list


For more information about Lake Forest Ranch

Call 662-726-5052


CLICK HERE for printable version of all of the above information.

We look forward to working with you to plan your retreat.