Here's a listing of all staff positions job descriptions if you'd like to take a look.   SUMMER STAFF JOB DESCRIPTION


First, choose four references who know you very well and who are not members of your immediate family; you will need to obtain their email addresses. The references need to know about your relationship with Christ, so it definitely helps if they know Jesus and love Him. Copy and paste the following link in an email and send it to your four references telling them for what position(s) you are applying and asking them to complete the reference form on your behalf. Here's the link to copy:   SUMMER STAFF REFERENCES LINK  You will not see the reference forms that they complete. They will be sent directly to Lake Forest Ranch.

STEP 2: 

Now open the Summer Staff Application PDF and click "Save As" to save it onto your Desktop. Then go and open the PDF from your Desktop to begin filling out the application. Here's the link: SUMMER STAFF APPLICATION PDF Make sure you save your answers frequently (this will take at least an hour or two to complete well). Give the file a name that will be easy for you to find. This will allow you to go back to it often to continue to fill it out (you will likely need more than one sitting to complete this part of the application). ” VERY IMPORTANT – Please answer question 8A thru 9G in another document like Word or Pages and then copy/paste answers into the staff PDF downloaded/saved staff application. This will keep you from accidentally losing those long answer questions if you have any problems with the PDF being saved as you go or uploading the application to us. Answer all of the PDF fillable questions (that’s pages 1 -16). This is the most time consuming part of the application process. You will need your Bible. Please take your time and pray through this. We really want to know your heart. This is not to be viewed as a "job application" but rather it is a testimony about you and what you believe based on the word of God. Once you are finished with your application, make sure you click "Save" again to make sure the file is updated with all of your answers before sending it in.

If you’ve had problems with the application, use THIS NEW LINK.

n, no need to reapply. If you are beginning a new application, use this new link. If you use the new link, there is no need to continue to Step 3 as you will be able to sign in the application itself.

STEP 3: 

Finally, you will need to upload your STEP 2 pdf staff application file and a recent digital photo of yourself here:


After that, to complete the application, an email will be sent to you from Docverify for you to digitally sign the LFR Doctrinal Statement and to fill out and sign a Background Check Form (this step will only take 5-10 minutes).

LFR will notify you when all of your 3 steps of the application process are completed (References, Application/Photo and Signatures) and all is received at LFR. Please contact us if you do not receive an email confirming that LFR has received your completed 3-step application once you think all is turned in.

Applications and References must be completed and returned to LFR by Feb. 28, 2017


Our Summer Camp Counselors are godly young men and women who have at least finished with their first year of college by the beginning of summer or are at least age 19. Year after year these are some of the finest and most gifted young adults that you’ll meet anywhere. An LFR distinctive is that each camper receives focused one-on-one ministry from his/her camp counselor during the week. Because we want to provide a personal-touch camp experience for each camper, we are very selective in choosing our staff. We require from all applicants great references, an extensive application, and a comprehensive background check.

If you have recommendations for either camp counselor or for any of our other vital summer support staff positions (lifeguard, photographer, wrangler, administrative assistant, or grounds keeper), then please contact LFR and tell us about it. Nobody benefits more spiritually from the summer camp experience than our summer staff. It is a greenhouse of faith development.


The Workstaff is a special group of young people selected to be mentored by LFR senior staff and to serve Christ behind-the-scenes at LFR in the summer. Most of the applicants for these positions come from young people who have been campers at LFR and who show leadership in their church youth/college ministry groups back home. We will also consider young people that apply who have never been summer campers at LFR.

Through the years we have watched young campers come alive in their walk with Christ, and this is our opportunity to take them even deeper in their relationship with Him through servanthood and mentoring. The minimum age we are looking for to fill these positions for will be 16 years old. Applicants must be age 16 by the beginning of summer in order to be on staff.

If you are aware of a young person in your youth group or your community who would benefit from this, and has much to offer in this kind of spiritual growth setting, please give us a call by the first of the year. Staff applications can be downloaded from our web site. Also see the job description letter that goes with your particular choice. Applications must be received by the announced deadline date.


These students must be a minimum age of 16 and they must have a love for little children. They will live in the cabin with the kids, and the camp counselor in that cabin will mentor them in their ministry to LFR’s youngest campers (ages 7 & 8). It is possible to serve as an “SCL” and also be on Workstaff alternating halves of the summer. The staff application will further explain this wonderful new ministry to the littlest of the lambs who come to camp. If you know of young people who have a heart for God and who love younger children, please encourage them to call us or to go to the LFR website to download a staff application.