The Tribe

What is the Tribe and How Does that Work? 

Get your littlest campers ready for a fun and exciting time with “The Tribe!” The Tribe is geared perfectly for kids campers ages 7 & 8 - we have age appropriate interactive Bible studies, Teepee pow wows, group activities, fun games, special snacks, water activities, all the regular camp fun plus carefully selected fun-loving godly leadership (Tribe Leaders and Tribal Chiefs), and there’s so much more! Seven and eight year old campers are all automati­cally placed in this wonderful camp track (formerly called “Sunshine Club” but we’ve made some fabulous changes). Trust us, all 7 & 8 year old camp­ers won’t want to miss out on all the fun for our youngest campers. Call the LFR office for exceptions.

The Tribe.png