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Kids Camps

The activities for Kids Camps are numerous and indescribably fun! Children can enjoy morning activity classes including a wide variety of options such as swimming, tennis, beach volleyball, basketball, crafts, archery, and several others. Pow Wows (worship services) each day feature some of the country’s most gifted and interesting presenters of God’s Truth for children. There will be times alone with God each morning, Bible study, Kids Praise singing and much more to build the faith of children in an environment of nonstop enjoyment. 

Student Camps

LFR is not a conference like “Student Life” and “Centrifuge”, but rather it is truly a summer camp experience for church youth groups. While conferences may focus on large group energy, the focus at LFR is the one-on-one evangelism, mentoring and discipleship of young people led by godly college age staff members.

Camp Macon

Camp Macon was started in July of 2004 by Lake Forest Ranch, as an opportunity to give back to their local community- a community that is learning how to trust each other after years of division. LFR's goal is to bring love to the kids and youth of Macon for one week out of the summer, with hopes of reaching out in love the rest of the year. Our story is simple, to be love to the city of Macon. The two ways they are reaching out are through various kid's camps being offered at local churches and the teen Sports Camp held at Lake Forest Ranch.